Vadim Zuikov is a public person. In spring 2016, the president of the National Trade Association ‒ Vadim Zuikov became an awardee "For the purity of the soul" for his great contribution to the development of charitable initiatives and long term service to the ideals of goodness. His name is absolutely reputational in the directorate environment of the Russian business. The name of Vadim Zuikov in business community is synonymous with honesty. But the President of the National Trade Association Vadim Zuikov, who leads the most significant events of each business year (Retail &Development Business Summit, the National Award "Product of the Year", International Award "Innovative Product of the Year", the highest award for restaurateurs of the world "Golden Palm", sports festival "Fit show", the famous New year's "Food Show" and others.) for many years has been providing the most responsible, rigorous activity to ensure the implementation of a large-scale charity initiatives. Activities of the National Trade Association, which was headed by Vadim Zuikov in 1999, today is an example of socially responsible business, demonstrating to other social and business organizations of the country various opportunities of socially support to disenfranchised and sick children. After graduating in 1984 for the Academy of Architecture and Art in Yekaterinburg, a year later Vadim Zuikov was appointed as vice-president on advertising and PR of UNILAND, making him to move to St. Petersburg, where he successfully had been working until the election in 1999 as the President of the National Trade Association. Vadim Zuikov is a head of NTA for the second decade, going with the organization through the most difficult years of starting up, the economic downturns and recovery, but since the first years of foundation of the National Trade Association, attention to charity issues were not a formal touch to the portrait of social organization, but the natural rate of new business formation as it sees and realizes the President of NTA.

VVadim Zuikov once said in an interview: "The pursuit of success is normal for business. But success only in terms of money cannot be complete without understanding the responsibility to the people or rather, the social responsibility of a businessman, his company and the business environment of the government in general to the people and the country". How accurately and succinctly in these words is expressed the position of the person whose actions and work in the field of charity provide the efficacy of these words. Program of child’s dreams fulfillment "Tree of Wishes", initiated by Lyudmila Shvetsova, has found a permanent home at the New Year festival "Food Show" just with the support and organizational decisions of Vadim Zuikov and for many years, hundreds of children from boarding schools and socially vulnerable families receive gifts they dreamed of, and funds from each ticket sold on the "Food Show" provide targeted programs of the Fund "Children to Children". Every year television ceremony of the National Award "Product of the Year" draws attention to the need to do good by those who have achieved success in business and implement charitable projects. It is not by accident that Vadim Zuikov headed the board of trustees of the Fund "Children to Children", his faith in goodness and energy are an example to many people.